ZigBee Pre-Testing Service

MET and UK Partner Element have signed an MoU that provides MET the ability to offer ZigBee profile pre-testing.

Testing is performed remotely using both test harnesses and golden
zigbee-element-metdevices to the following profiles:

  • Smart Energy (ZSE)
  • Home Automation (ZHA
  • Telecoms Services (ZTS)
  • Personal Healthcare (ZHC
  • Building Automation (ZBA)

Element is a ZigBee Alliance Certified Test Lab.

Regulatory Testing

MET performs regulatory compliance testing for ZigBee Products at our Baltimore, MD, Austin, TX and
Santa Clara, CA laboratories.

  • Digital Emissions
    • FCC 15B
    • ICES-003
    • EN 301 489
  • Intentional Radiator
    • FCC 15.249
    • RSS-210
    • EN 300 220

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