Comparative, Performance and Failure Evaluation

Performance Testing

MET can independently evaluate the performance of commercial equipment and consumer products. We provide the full range of performance testing, including functionality, energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and more. These evaluations compare the product’s performance to industry, manufacturer or custom standards.

Comparative Testing

MET can compare the performance of your product to previous models or to competitor products. MET’s independent comparative reports lend credible support to your marketing efforts.

Failure Evaluation

MET can evaluate a product that has failed in order to determine the cause of failure, analyze the results, and recommend a corrective course of action. Our independent investigations are performed under tightly-controlled conditions. Test results can be used as expert witness support in litigation and CPSC filings.  Also in the validation or substantiation of insurance claims.

Claim Substantiation

Manufacturers have relied on MET as a resource to substantiate advertising claims in accordance with FTC requirements.

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