Environmental Simulation Testing

MET Laboratories’ experience and proficiency in Environmental Simulation testing will bring your products to market faster.

MET Labs evaluates products and systems to extreme environmental conditions in our Environmental Simulation Laboratory. Testing is automated through computer-controlled systems to maximize accuracy and repeatability. With a streamlined testing process, MET can bring your product from development to end use efficiently.

MET’s Environmental Simulation Labs, on both coasts, employ numerous environmental chambers, including several large walk-in chambers. Hydraulic and electro-dynamic shakers are used for a wide range of vibration testing, from ISTA packaging to seismic compliance testing. MET’s hydraulic vibration systems are capable of full level (Zone 4) seismic simulation

MET can perform temperature, humidity and vibration testing simultaneously. Testing is performed in accordance with military standards such as MIL-STD-810, 202, 167, European and commercial standards such as IEC 60068-2-X, IEC 60529, SAE J1211 and SAE J1455. MET can also develop or test to customer-specified standards.

MET provides an array of green testing services, from LED certification to energy efficiency testing.

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