EMC Site Survey

MET Labs maintains a quick-deploy EMC Mobile Team for EMC Site Surveys and in situ EMC testing.

MET’s on-site EMC surveys can cover frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz and will provide measurements on:

  • Radiated Electric Field
    • Radiated and Conducted Measurements
  • Radiated Magnetic Field
  • EMF
  • Microwave Field Survey
  • Near Field and Far Field Surveillance
  • Power Quality
  • Stray Current
  • Potential ESD Issues
  • Maximum Permissable Exposure (MPE)

Measurements can be either a snap shot or over a period of time.

Facilities often request RF audits when installing new sophisticated electronic equipment to assure either their performance will not be impacted by their electromagnetic environment or its installation has no negative impact on existing equipment or infrastructure communications. In some cases employers want to ensure that high power RF equipment is not the cause of health concern; site surveys are performed to identify potential health concerns.

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