Compliance Assistance/Training

At MET Labs, we believe in helping customers bring their products into compliance prior to entering the test lab.

Here’s how:

  1. MET provides assistance with standards choice and interpretation.  MET maintains the most current information on standards and regulations affecting your product.
  2. From prototypes or production samples, MET can determine if proposed production techniques will meet requirements.
  3. MET’s experts will provide an in-depth review of drawings, manuals, BOMs, and schematics.

The expertise that MET has gained in performing hundreds of projects will save customers time and money.

Compliance Assistance offered by MET ranges from free lunch time reviews to detailed design review and customized seminars.

Lunch Time Review

In the free lunch time review, an expert from each testing discipline explains the testing requirements, reviews the product and points out any obvious deficiencies. This is an opportunity for the customer to become fully aware of the test standards to which the product will be subjected. The knowledge gained in this review will save the customer time and money throughout the testing and certification process.

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EMC Client Services

MET’S EMC testing and compliance knowledge can help get you through the arduous testing process. Our experienced test engineers can provide you with all of the answers to your certification questions, and offer you the assistance necessary to get your product into the marketplace. We work with you to explain test report findings, mitigate EMC issues, and implement debugging solutions.

Solutions provided by MET:

  • Increased speed to the market
  • Technical assessment and product evaluation with a MET engineer (free lunch included)
  • Open discussion of applicable test requirements and report findings
  • Customized test plan
  • Identification of noncompliance issues
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MET offers seminars to provide valuable information on various industries. If the customer is not able to come to a MET facility, webinars are available online. For more information, see our Seminars and Webinars.
For product safety, see our Product Safety Engineering Guidelines.

Need on-site help? MET offers Technical Staffing.