Meter Pre-Testing

Save time and money by only conducting the highest failure rate tests

This program consists of performing those tests which have resulted in the highest failure rates in MET’s ANSI C12.1/C12.20 testing experience, that can be accomplished in a very short period of time, for a low cost.

While no pre-testing program can guarantee first-run compliance in the full certification test program, it can significantly increase your chances.  Also, MET will discount the price of full certification programs by the cost of the pre-test program.

Background: The incorporation of communication modules into electronic watt-hour meters and the development of the smart grid have resulted in the need for large volumes of ANSI C12.1 and ANSI C12.20 testing in the US.

Lack of regulatory structure has resulted in confusion in the industry regarding the details of the requirements and process for watt-hour meter testing and certification.  When compared with the regulatory test requirements for most other products, ANSI C12.1/C12.20 testing and certification programs are surprisingly complicated for the many new players.

The majority of watt-hour meter testing and certification programs are further complicated when failures occur and the strict rules of ANSI C12.1/C12.20 require re-testing and type re-designation after design modification.

MET has created a new solution to help avoid these many hurdles and now offers a carefully designed ANSI C12.1 and C12.20 pre-testing program.

Pre-Testing Program Includes:

  • Intro meeting at MET or by phone to discuss:
    • ANSI C12.1/C12.20 requirements
    • Pre-test program details
    • Your product
  • Shortened tests to worst case test levels.
  • Test results, data, and test engineer feedback.
  • If you’re purchasing full certification, the entire cost of the pre-test package is credited toward certification.
  • No lead time.  Show up when you want.  We will be finished within 12 days.
  • First 4 hours of any debug needed for failed tests.

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