HAZLOC On-Site Evaluation

In addition to comprehensive HazLoc lab certification, MET Labs offers expedited field evaluations for unique products and individual units in hazardous location environments. Our experienced engineers can travel onsite next day, if necessary, to test and certify individual units, on time and on budget!

MET performs field evaluations for one-of-a-kind and rebuilt equipment requiring ATEX, NRTL and SCC hazardous location approvals.  Also, read about our normal location field capabilities and experience.

Why use MET?

• Onsite next day service, if required

• Certification within 2-4 weeks
• No hidden costs
• Accepted by states, cities, and counties
• Unbeatable accreditations and experience 

ATEX Unit Verification

Unit Verification involves assessing and verifying the design of an individual unit of equipment to assure that it complies with ATEX specifications. ATEX Unit Verification is in partnership with ATEX NB Element.  It involves:
• Examination and testing of equipment at your location by a certification engineer
• Verification of the quality process and design of your equipment
• A certificate will be granted once your product is declared ATEX compliant

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